Following their first official response statement on the global coronavirus pandemic, TLT-Turbo Africa has continued to prove resilience in its operations across Africa. This is largely due to the efforts of the TLT-Turbo Africa team and opening of South Africa’s industrial and mining sectors under Alert Level 3.

In the two months since TLT-Turbo Africa released their initial COVID-19 response statement, they have secured several new contracts which proves not only the resilience and perseverance of their business development and sales team, but the reliance of operations across Africa on TLT-Turbo’s product and service quality.

TLT-Turbo Africa has been operational through the continuing national lockdown in South Africa that was instituted on 26 March 2020. They have been registered as an essential service which allows for manufacturing activities with 30% of their usual staff complement per shift. “We are currently on a two-shift system of six hours per shift for operational staff. Even with limited staff, we have managed to make key deliveries to our customers,” says TLT-Turbo Managing Director, Christo Gelderblom who goes to explain that strict hygiene and safety protocols are being adhered to and that non-essential staff are still working from home. “We have received a number of orders since we returned to work and are expecting a few more in the weeks to come as South Africa’s lockdown alert levels are being lowered.”

TLT-Turbo Africa has taken steps to ensure strict compliance to government and WHO regulations regarding hygiene, screening, sanitisation, and social distancing, by re-designing manufacturing and workflow processes. With the recent relaxation of lockdown protocols, their engineering and sales staff continue to work from home and make use of digital platforms to communicate with other team members and clients daily.

Gelderblom goes on to explain that TLT-Turbo Africa is currently finalising license and distribution agreements with other TLT-Turbo global offices to supply and support those regions with TLT-Turbo Africa’s manufacturing capacity and expertise. “Our local team is prepared to support our colleagues across the globe. This step will help ensure our operational continuity and will bolster the operations of overseas TLT-Turbo offices who face our shared challenges around the COVID-19 pandemic.”

TLT-Turbo Africa continues to encourage concerned clients and suppliers to reach out to their local representatives.

“We have ensured that our processes continue running smoothly in order to maintain delivery to our clients at the standard that they have come to expect from TLT-Turbo Africa. The health and safety of our staff is our top priority and wherever possible we have implemented additional safety measures. We have also ensured that our customers are able to reach us by making our team accessible on electronic platforms as they continue to work from home,” Gelderblom concludes.