A Standard of Mine Ventilation Efficiency and Availability

Introducing the TLT-Turbo Modular Mining Fans (MMF), an innovative concept in mine ventilation. In developing this range, TLT-Turbo has focused on providing a modular design that offers a well-engineered and efficient ventilation system at lower operational and maintenance costs. German engineering and extensive R&D have resulted in the highest product quality. This, paired with TLT-Turbo’s field-proven technology, provides a high end solution designed for a wide range of mine ventilation requirements.

Modular Mining Fans
Modular Mining Fans
Modular Mining Fans

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Modular Mining Fans

What Makes TLT-Turbo’s Modular Mining Fans Unique?

Modular Designs – Full Performance

  • Seven base fan sizes combined with six different hub sizes offer the right fit for all requirements with lower costs and short lead times
  • Total fan efficiency of up to 90% lowers operating costs while maintaining full performance

Modular Designs – Customizable Parts

  • Numerous customizable/adaptable parts offer flexibility for specific customer needs
  • Add-Ons developed for all seven base sizes offer upgrades to meet individual requirements e.g. blade solidity combined with high flow and low pressure blade profiles

Benefits of Modular Mining Fans to Your Operation

CFD optimized airflow and cooling concept

Flange mount motor series combined with horizontal split fan casing

Modular rotor-/ motor design concept for aluminum, cast iron and duplex steel blades

Noise optimized rotor-/ stator design with guide vanes

Stator and blade design developed for harsh mining environments

Modular Mining Fans

We provide you with a high quality and high performing base fan design with a wide variety of modules to offer you flexibility for your project. Well considered opportunities for varied combinations ensure shorter lead times at lower costs to get your project running faster and smoother.

Client Support Services

We provide support at every point of your ventilation system lifecycle. We offer planning and design support at the start of your project to ensure that the final system meets your precise requirements and meets every safety standard.

Contact your nearest TLT-Turbo office to consult on the mining fan that fits your specific requirements.