Auxiliary & Booster Fans

The Auxiliary and Booster fan range addresses both efficiency and cost effectiveness, in a versatile product range that meets the specific ventilation requirements of the mining industry. This range was designed to meet the mining industry’s most challenging requirements including energy efficiency, noise reduction, cost effectiveness and turnaround time.

Mining Fans
Mining Fans
Mining Fans

High Efficiency, Low Operating Cost

A well-engineered product using the latest technology has led to optimized manufacturing processes against the backdrop of an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility. This ensures high quality workmanship which translates not only to longer lasting products, but also to a product range with a track record of lower downstream repair and maintenance costs.

An established manufacturing process results in repeatable fan performance characteristics. Items such as the machined impeller track, allowing low blade tip clearances, contribute to making this fan range one of the most efficient on the global market.

Lower Power Usage

TLT-Turbo fans have total efficiencies higher than 80% for most operating point requirements. This means that for a given ducting distance or static pressure, less power is needed, thus reducing operating costs.

Longer Reach

Our fans are designed to maximize pressure capability from a given motor power, allowing the fan to manage flow delivery for longer duct length and reducing the number of fans required, thus reducing operating costs.

Higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

An anti-vibration motor mounting system increases operating life and MTBF. Our design allows for easy motor replacement and reducing repair costs, thus reducing operating costs.

Enhanced Performance, Guaranteed Quality

In optimizing mine ventilation, efficient, high-quality Auxiliary and Booster fans can add as much value as surface fan installations. As energy efficiency is one of the main drivers of industrial equipment usage, and minimum efficiency requirements on certain equipment are often legislated, TLT-Turbo’s A&B fan range meets the need for more efficient mining fans compared to what is currently in use.

Performance Features

  • Total fan efficiency at duty points up to 86%
  • Wide range of duty points above 80% total fan efficiency including multi-stage configurations
  • All fans are ISO 5801 tested (type testing for high volume orders on request)
  • Fan balancing and vibration tested against ISO 1464:2003 specifications and vibrations are kept to a minimum
  • Engineering flow technology for improved aerodynamics and efficiency
  • Unique stator design and aerodynamic fairings, manufactured from wear-resistant composite materials, for improved efficiencies and reduced noise levels
  • Modularity of the fan casings allows for quick and easy assembly with interchangeable ancillary fan parts.
  • Motor mounting in coherence with a machined impeller track ensures low and controllable blade tip clearances for improved performance and efficiencies.
  • Pad mount motors are used for all fan sizes to reduce vibration levels in the axial direction of the motor resulting in longer motor bearing life and lower maintenance requirements

Designed for Ease of Maintenance

The modularity of the product design and the interchangeable standardized parts allows for quick turnaround time on parts supply. Standardization on the product is the key to successfully managing maintenance and repair as it allows ample supply of spares for companies certified to conduct repair work.

Product Range:

MC 406

MC 570

MC 762

MC 915

MC 1016

MC 1600

MC 1200

MC 1400

MC 1800

MC 2000

Client Support Services

We provide support at every point of your ventilation system lifecycle. We offer planning and design support at the start of your project to ensure that the final system meets your precise requirements and meets every safety standard. This is followed by manufacturing, transport, assembly supervision and commissioning services.

We take aerodynamic acceptance measures to ensure that the system is functioning optimally. TLT-Turbo Africa also offers reconstruction and optimization of existing systems.

Contact TLT-Turbo Africa to consult on the ventilation fan and system that fits your specific requirements.

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