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About TLT-Turbo Africa

TLT-Turbo Africa strives to be the leading supplier of mining, industrial and power ventilation products and solutions in Africa. We have developed patented high efficiency designs that make use of composites in the manufacturing of fan blades and components. These designs allow our fans to deliver superior performance while incurring less wear and tear as they are more suited to their harsh and abrasive operating environments.

This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions, extensive energy cost saving, longer mean time between failure and less required maintenance while still providing superior ventilation performance for our clients.

Every fan is designed for a specific application and is tailored to suit the needs of each client by matching the required performance with maximum efficiency. Our design advantage allows us to carry out custom analysis and design and create individual tailored solutions.

TLT-Turbo Africa derives technological support through access to the technology provided by TLT-Turbo in Germany. Through this support network we are capable of providing our customers with optimum solutions and technology delivered by locally available engineering support and products. Our design and manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with our well entrenched ISO 9001 and ISO3834 systems.



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