About TLT-Turbo Africa

TLT-Turbo Africa strives to be the leading supplier of mining, industrial and power ventilation products and solutions in Africa. TLT-Turbo Africa has the capability to provide customers with world recognized ventilation technology delivered through locally available engineering support and products. All design and manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 3834 systems. TLT-Turbo Africa is also home to the TLT-Turbo Global Composite Centre of Excellence. The TLT-Turbo Africa head office as well as a design and manufacturing facility is located in Pretoria.

Regional Coverage

TLT-Turbo Africa services clients across Africa with a focus on:

  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • DRC
  • Zambia

Manufacturing Capability

  • Manufacturing of auxiliary fans, composite parts, assembly and testing
  • Provision of comprehensive of aftermarket services for sustainable and reliable operation at high availability
  • Our design and manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with our well entrenched ISO 9001 and ISO3834 systems. View ISO 9001:2015

Our Solutions

TLT-Turbo Africa’s solutions deliver optimum performance for numerous applications including: mine ventilation, energy, thermal power plants, steelmaking and steel processing, chemical and petrochemical industrial processes, cement production, waste incineration, tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels and test stands.

In addition to our extensive product range, TLT-Turbo Africa also delivers turnkey installation, after sales and maintenance, as well as engineering services to provide a customised approach for each client.

Global Support

TLT-Turbo Africa derives support from TLT-Turbo GmbH who provides global support and access to technology and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Through this support network, our team is capable of providing our customers with optimum solutions and technology delivered by locally available engineering support and products.

Why Choose TLT-Turbo Africa?

Customised & Complete Ventilation Solutions

TLT-Turbo Africa believes in a solution approach that delivers more than just fans. Each client’s solution is customised to meet the precise requirements of their operating environment and is approached with a total ventilation solution focus, backed up with superior after sales services.

Optimal Efficiency & Performance:

Our complete ventilation solutions approach ensures optimal product performance and unparalleled energy savings. We consider health and safety factors; measurement of temperatures, volume and pressure; air quantity estimations; cost saving opportunities; and ventilation optimisation opportunities.

Expertise & Client Satisfaction

Our team has the relevant experience to understand the needs of the markets in which we operate – from lead time and safety factors to design and energy requirements. Our team provides recommendations focused on reducing the total cost of ownership through specialised technology.


About TLT-Turbo GmbH

With over 145 years of company tradition and experience, we and our engineers strive to be the leading global supplier of mining, industrial and power ventilation products and solutions. We have developed patented high-efficiency designs that allow our products to deliver superior performance while incurring less wear and tear as they are more suited to their harsh and abrasive operating environments. This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions, extensive energy cost savings, longer mean time between failure, and less required maintenance while still providing superior ventilation performance for our clients.

TLT-Turbo engineers have developed fans and blowers that have enhanced our clients’ operations in diverse sectors across the globe. In 2014, TLT-Turbo GmbH was acquired by PowerChina (Power Construction Corporation of China) which strengthened our global reach and enhanced our culture of trust, transparency, and commitment to success.