Centre of Excellence

In order to leverage and maximise the R&D opportunities arising from the extensive and proven technological capabilities of the TLT-Turbo Africa team of engineering, TLT-Turbo established the TLT-Turbo Composites Centre of Excellence (COE) for the global TLT brand in Pretoria, South Africa. Since its establishment, the COE has been researching, developing and producing fan components using various Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics; generally referred to as composite materials. Through the use of these materials, combined with extensive aerodynamic expertise, the COE is able to greatly improve the efficiency, performance, durability and reliability of fans.

Research & Development

The COE is committed to the development of equipment and production processes for producing technologically advanced fan components, from impellers and nose cones to fairings and casings. These include components that are currently manufactured in steel such as the nose cones and aerodynamic fairings that can be made with composites as well.

Our testing facility equipment includes a laser measuring arm, tensile and impact testers, a large blade static and fatigue test bench and some non-destructive testing (NDT) capability with ultrasound and a dedicated Infra-Red thermography setup.

Advanced Materials & Composite Blades

Composite materials – or composites – are engineered materials made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties and which remain separate and distinct on a microscopic level within the finished structure. The TLT-Turbo COE uses combinations of materials to form our products to ensure suitable mechanical properties. Combinations of carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar, polyurethane and metal, and metal castings are used

The TLT-Turbo COE capabilities:
  • Development, design and production of lightweight composite fan blades
  • Design and production of full composite fans (axial and centrifugal)
  • Advanced composite stress analysis
  • Wear and corrosion analysis
  • Fatigue and impact property analysis
Advanced Efficiency Modelling
  • Coming soon.
Fan Advisor
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Energy Savings Comparator
  • Coming soon.

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