Our Products

TLT-Turbo Africa has developed products and services to embrace our customers’ operating environments and the on-going demand for innovative, efficient, and financially sustainable ventilation and air moving solutions.


TLT-Turbo fans address performance expectation in terms of the stringent and legally regulated noise requirements, while achieving efficiency, long life and reduced energy use. TLT-Turbo Africa offers turnkey services which incorporate consultation, design, manufacturing, installation, construction, commissioning, and performance testing as well as operational support to our clients and ensuring industry compliance.


Our fan design and manufacture incorporates the innovations emerging from the TLT-Turbo Africa Composites Centre of Excellence. This gives our products the advantages of advanced materials that reduce overall system mass by as much as 70%, improve wear characteristics, reduce maintenance needed on mechanical components and improve aerodynamic efficiency. Noise Reduction, Aerodynamics and Performance Efficiency are the key features and prerequisites that we take into consideration for every fan built.

Product capabilities

Flow adjustment through variable blade pitch in motion:

Optimised efficiency is a hallmark of TLT-Turbo fans. To achieve outstanding efficiency, we draw on the extensive experience and comprehensive expertise of our team together with a wide range of development results that have been tried and tested in the field. Combined with blade adjustment, these results allow for the implementation of wider operating ranges with reduced power consumption.

Flow regulation through speed control:

Speed control has long been standard practice for our wind tunnel or tunnel ventilation systems and is now also entering the power plant fan applications. Blade adjustment and speed control are combined and as result, operators benefit from the lowest possible power consumption.


In addition to supplying brand new ventilation solutions to the mining, process and power plant industry, TLT-Turbo Africa offers complete upgrades of existing plants. These projects typically apply to improving efficiency, increasing capacity and power savings as well meeting the increased need to fulfil the requirements of upgraded gas cleaning systems (such as electro-static precipitators to bag filters). In this case, TLT-Turbo Africa utilises TLT-Turbo retrofit technology to upgrade existing fans.

Custom Analysis and Design

Every fan is designed for a specific application and is tailored to suit the needs of each client by matching the required performance with maximum efficiency. Our design advantage allows us to carry out custom analysis and design and create individual tailored solutions.

Product Quality

To comprehensively verify the design and provide detailed performance data, each fan prototype is tested according to British Standard 848 before going into production. Each production fan is individually quality checked and dynamically balanced.

Extensive test and measurement process included in our production:

  • BS 848 / ISO 5801 tests duct verified and validated by 3rd party
  • Vibration measurements
  • Over speed tests and vibration models
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Mode shape tests

Our Product Range

TLT-Turbo Africa’s product range includes solutions for mining ventilation, main surface ventilation and below ground ventilation. We also manufacture industrial and process fans for use in a wide variety of applications including those in filtration, cement, steel and mineral processing operations as well as supplying specialised fans for thermal power stations.

Mining Solutions

Fan installations for applications in both surface and underground mining operations.

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Industrial Solutions

Fans is suited to applications in the steel industry, metallurgical plants, power plants.

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Power Station Solutions

Specialising in the design and the manufacture of fans for the thermal power plant industry.

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Mechanical Vapor Recompression

TLT-Turbo has developed a range of MVR fans – more innovative and technologically advanced than those currently on the market.

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