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TLT-Turbo Africa’s industrial range of fans is suited to applications in the steel industry, metallurgical plants, power plants, cement industry, and in chemical processes, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and waste incineration as well as drying, evaporation and de-dusting sectors.

Our approach to the supply of industrial fans is to select the right products based on end use and to use custom design for each application. We set up the right fan for each application depending on gas type, temperature, particle loading and size, corrosion requirement and efficiency.

Based on our extensive industry experience, we have created a range of fans that ensures a long and cost-effective operating life even under the toughest operating conditions. Our product range offers a selection of various modern wear-resistant coatings and base metals to ensure high availability when the gas is corrosive or erosive due to dust-laden or droplet-laden media. We also keep special steels and rubber linings on hand for corrosive media and we can create sophisticated solutions for noise abatement.

Our M-Series fan range offers the latest in advanced ventilation technology and use of composite materials emerging from the TLT-Turbo Composites Centre of Excellence.

Steel Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) fans

These fans are ideally suited for applications in evaporation, distillation, evaporative crystallisation and evaporative drying. Fans can be used to add energy very efficiently into these processes and it is in these energy aware markets that the company makes an offering. These are advanced radial fans that were developed specifically for high performance and highly stressed applications.

Axial Impulse fans

With an adjustable part at the blade, these gas-tight, Axial Impulse Type fans have the ability to operate at sub-atmospheric pressure and even to resist pressure shocks, caused for instance, by deflagration, without being damaged.

M-Series Composite Centrifugal Fan
‘M-Series’ Composite MVR fans

Suited to applications in evaporation, distillation, evaporative crystallisation and evaporative drying, the M-Series MVR fans make use of our technologically advanced blades and components manufactured using composites to create a high performance, highly energy efficient fan.

M-Series Composite Centrifugal fans

M-Series Centrifugal Fans are designed and manufactured for specific client applications to satisfy targeted performance goals. All centrifugal designs undergo comprehensive mechanical and aerodynamic analysis. After the prototype is manufactured, the fan is dynamically balanced and finally experimentally tested using BS848/ISO 5801 ducting to verify performance figures.

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