Engineering Design & Analysis

Although specialized in high performance fan design and manufacture, TLT-Turbo Africa also offers aeronautical and mechanical engineering consultation services that include design, optimization, analysis, machining/manufacturing and testing of bespoke fan solutions. TLT-Turbo Africa’s integrated service results in efficient designs that are simultaneously optimized for function and noise (if required).

Examples include:

  • Fans, impellers and wind turbines
  • Prototypes/models of shafts and beams
  • Fatigue and stress calculations
  • Composite design and manufacture
  • Masts/antennae/towers pump, motor and gearbox selection
  • Failure analysis
  • Finite Element Modelling (FEM) of Bearing, weld fastener selection etc.


  • Design optimization
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Analysis Manufacturing / Machining
  • Product Design, Development and Testing

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