TLT-Turbo Africa has extensive experience in the supply of turnkey, customised fan installations for applications in both surface and underground mining operations.

Our mine ventilation systems are designed to achieve the best possible levels of efficiency and energy savings. By utilising effective aerodynamic system concepts, blade adjustment and smart drive technology we are able to reach system efficiencies of up to 85% and fan efficiency levels up to 90% and beyond.

Our technical team has established a culture of delivering working solutions based on design reviews and continuous improvement. As part of our ventilation on demand solution, our engineering team provides support through each stage of a mine ventilation project – from the early stages of planning and commissioning to installation, service and maintenance.

Our M-Series fan range offers the latest in advanced ventilation technology and use of composite materials emerging from the TLT-Turbo Composites Centre of Excellence .

tlt turbo solution
tlt turbo solution
Axial Flow Fans
  • Blade tip diameter: 1.8-6.5 m
  • Fixed & variable pitch in motion
  • Volume flow: 90-950 m³/s
  • Pressure rise: 500-12,000 Pa
  • Drive power: 500-10,000 KW
  • Efficiency: up to 90%
Axial & Impulse fans (Mixed flow fans)
  • Blade tip diameter: up to 4.2 m
  • Volume flow: 100-600 m³/s
  • Pressure rise: 1000-4,500 Pa
  • Drive power: 500-5,500 KW
  • Efficiency: up to 85%
Centrifugal fans
  • Impeller diameter: up to 5.5 m
  • Volume flow: 100-800 m³/s
  • Pressure rise: 1000-15,000 Pa
  • Drive power: 500-10,000 KW
  • Efficiency: up to 90% (Aerofoil blades)
Secondary fans (Auxiliary fans)
  • Blade tip diameter: 0.4-1.6 m
  • Volume flow: 3-50 m³/s
  • Pressure rise: 500-3,000 Pa
  • Drive power: 7.5-200 KW
  • Efficiency: up to 85%

Latest News

August 2, 2021

TLT-Turbo Africa Bridge Mining Ventilation Market Gap

Based on client feedback and an extensive track record in the mining industry, ventilation fans and systems manufacturer, TLT-Turbo Africa have announced the extension of their current Auxiliary and Booster Fan range to include variants that are able to provide flexibility to clients on all underground ventilation performance requiremets.
May 25, 2021

Introduction – Auxiliary and Booster Fans

July 7, 2020

TLT-Turbo Africa Continues to Show Resilience Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Following their first official response statement on the global coronavirus pandemic, TLT-Turbo Africa has continued to prove resilience in its operations across Africa. This is largely […]

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